You’re A Winner

Winner! Gagner! I think it’s safe to say we’ve all heard those words, at our local corner store, the supermarket, even the gas station. That one word signifies that a complete stranger has won some sort of prize, be it an additional lottery ticket, or an enormous amount of cash. I had a discussion recently with a friend who read an article entitled “Where Are They Now” featuring a bunch of Average Joes who had “hit the jackpot”- regular people like you and I that gambled a one in a trillion chance and were lucky enough to gain a fortune they had not worked to obtain. Instant riches! In a matter of seconds these otherwise overlooked people had a claim to fame, that seemed unimaginable and unlimited…but where had they gone? The article followed the money trail of these Plane Janes and their lives after cashing-in. Some had squandered their winnings with temporary treasures: drugs, alcohol, escorts. Many others had spent the money on personal updates: a new car, house, gadgets. Lastly, a few lottery winners had re-invested and were now reaping the benefits of their recycled assets. Sure, it was hard to exercise disciplinewith what seems like limitless cash but they had a bigger picture and wanted to see a greater return on their investment. What hits us hard, are those who won and lost in the end, those who had to return to a regular 9-5 after winning so much money and having nothing to show.

The Lord dropped a word into my spirit in that moment: we are the Average Joes and the Plane Janes! We have been awarded an incredible amount of time, that we could not obtain ourselves. Instant Riches! Time is money. With our new winnings, what will our articles read in 5 years? A year? 6 months? Did we squander the time on temporary treasures: entertainment and laziness? Was it spent on the frivolous and fleeting: re-organizing for the umpteenth time and cleaning things that will only get dirty in less than an 8-hour work day? Or did we re-invest: taking the time to commune with our Lord and Saviour, rightly dividing the Word of God, and reaching out to the lost soul over the internet or a phone call.

Many of our brothers and sisters are at a standstill with work and the uncertainty of an income looms over our heads. I pray God’s peace that passes all understanding and His divine provision for you all. But I just can’t help but think how much time we’ve won. John 9 talks about Jesus Christ healing the blind man in the day because a night comes when no man can work! How many days have passed us by? How much of your money have you spent? And with things slowly returning to a new normal how much money do you have left? One thing remains steadfast in my mind: many of us will come out of this pandemic either a lot wealthier or broker than we were before our unearned winnings. I pray that we invest our unexpected riches wisely and heavenly.

God bless you all.

Zain Brooks

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