Stop the Scroll

How often do we find ourselves aimlessly scrolling? On the computer, on Facebook, on Instagram, on the news pages, Pinterest? I could name so many more. I am guilty of the same. But what about “scrolling” through life? We aimlessly wander. No direction. No purpose. No passion. The story of the ten lepers often gets overlooked but has so much to teach us. You can find the story in Luke 17:11-19. There were ten lepers, they stood “afar off” (they kept their distance as was custom for lepers) but cried out to Jesus to have mercy on them. He commanded them to go to the Priests (which was also custom) and they were cleansed on their way. The story only makes note of one leper who REALIZED that he was healed, TURNED BACK and GLORIFIED God. He fell down on his face at Jesus’ feet and gave thanks! Jesus then asks about the other nine-were they not cleansed too? They couldn’t even find them.

So often we see this happening. We become so accustomed to standing “afar off”, observing what happens from a distance. We like to hear and see what God is doing but we don’t want to get too close or let our emotions show. We’ve become desensitized to the Spirit of God even that we can’t react in a way that shows Him we are grateful for what’s He’s done. We are so used to seeing it or hearing or “scrolling” through it that it that we can’t even respond to it.

We need to get back to that place, like the one leper, stop and realize what God has done and is doing, turn to Him and glorify Him- respond to Him! Respond to His wonders, thank Him, rejoice in Him, acknowledge Him- be exuberant in your response! Jesus is saying “Where are you? Did I not give you such great salvation? Did I not give you the very breath you are breathing in today? Did I not bless you with food, with a roof over your head, with a church you can worship with other believers and so much more?”

Don’t take it lightly or for granted. Live your life in gratefulness, in rejoicing!

Ezekiel 36:26 says “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.” He’s given us His Spirit, the Holy Ghost. He’s renewed us, transformed us. He’s taken away that stony heart, that heart that is desensitized and hardened by sin and the world and ungratefulness. He’s replaced that with a heart of flesh-a heart that can beat again, that that’s soft and tender and sensitive to Him.

I implore you today to stop and reflect. If you’ve found yourself “scrolling” through life, or if you’ve become desensitized to the Spirit where you can’t even respond to Him or you find it hard to open yourself up to Him where the Spirit can work in your life. Dare I even say have we gotten to the point where we can’t even worship Him openly or passionately? We need to take a lesson from this one leper- let’s stop the “scroll”, turn back to God and glorify Him- fall on our face and thank Him!

Bethany Benitez

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