Peter’s Shadow Heals

Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches, that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them. (Acts 5:15)

‘Social distancing’ is a new term that has now become a way of life for most, if not all of the world’s population. While we abide by the laws of the land and patiently wait in our family living rooms for the latest news, let us not forget those that are out on the field working endless hours treating the sick in our communities. Our doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc. are among the most vulnerable due to their constant exposure to this illness.

Take some time today to lift our medical staff up in prayer, and a special prayer for our saints working to fight against this pandemic. In the book of Acts we see that the masses brought the sick to the streets and the Word says that Peter’s shadow divinely healed their bodies. We know that this was not Peter himself, rather it was the healing virtue of God working in the life of the apostle.

Our blood covered and Holy Ghost filled doctors and nurses play an enormous role in this season. Their skills, knowledge and experience, coupled with the power of our God can cause miracles to breakthrough like we’ve never seen before. Pray for the hearts of men that they may see the wonders of our God and draw near to Him during these uncertain times.

They say “desperate times call for desperate measures”. The woman with the issue of blood had all odds stacked against her. In the eyes of her peers she was unclean and unworthy, and yet she pressed her way through the crowd believing that just one touch of the Master would deliver her from all her troubles. Let us pray for faith and a desperate cry to rise in our city, our nation, and in our world. We serve a God whose mercy knows no end and never despises the cry of the righteous.

Crystal Robinson

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