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The whole world has entered into a very revealing season these past few months. Nothing is status quo any longer. What at one time, not very long ago, was considered to be quite normal is now even considered to be against the law in some cases. And what once appeared to be very abnormal is now a part of our daily lives. So many of our reference points have been plunged into chaos and we find ourselves hanging on until our lives just get back to ‘normal’. However, the truth is that many things may never get back to ‘normal’ again. That may not be such a bad thing! In fact it may even be very refreshing.

It is said that in every adversity there is an opportunity. That doesn’t always sit well with my desire to stay in my comfort zone. I like things just the was they are, thank you. However, maybe during this very unusual season we can take the opportunity to examine our lives. Especially our foundation. If you are like me, I’m sure you have come face to face with many of your strengths, and likewise many of your weaknesses.

Most of us are aware of the parable of two men who each built a house. (Matthew 7:24-27) Let’s be honest with ourselves. Do we find that we’ve been like the foolish man who built his house out of stubble on the shifting sand, or do we align ourselves with the wise man who took the time to build a solid house on stable rock. The interesting fact is that both felt the need to build some sort of shelter for some sort of adverse condition - a storm perhaps?

Both houses took some sort of effort to build. The telling difference is what kind of effort they each put into building their house.

The foolish man maybe observed the wise man and though to himself how silly it was to be bothered with so many details. Why all the pain staking calculations? Why all the sweat and labor? After all - bang, bang, bang! There! Its up! It’s a house! Every short cut was a good idea in his eyes!

The wise man on the other hand may have realized that he would have to use some dynamite to get some of the old gnarled roots out of the ground before he began to build. The job probably required some special tools to prepare things just right. This was going to be a slow, pain staking job with no short cuts allowed!

I can imagine these two men sitting on their porches across the street from each other. The one man snickering out loud as he thought of how easily his house went up. Sure, the floors were a little creaky and he could feel the wind at times coming through the walls. But it looked great and the paint job was awesome. The wise man also snickered (under his breath, of course). He knew how solid he had secured all of the joints of the walls and floors. He also knew the full price he paid for that backhoe to clear the ground. In fact, it took a lot of sacrifice to get that backhoe. As he took a walk around his property, he knew beyond a doubt that his house was a fine example of workmanship. Life might have carried on very nicely for both of them for a while. Until. One day. They were going to have the opportunity to discover what their foundation was all about.

I wonder if the foolish man was at all surprised? How could he be? He must have known that he did not pay much of a price. What a sorry sight his house must have been after the storm. To add insult to injury, he looked across the street to see that his neighbor’s house suffered only some minor surface damage. And what was that he saw through his front window? His neighbor was calmly sitting on his couch drinking coffee and reading a BOOK.

So I ask you. So I ask me. What is my foundation all about? Am I able to withstand the storms that come my way?

Now this is the part of the story where I make a quick switch here to bring attention to our spiritual foundation. We must avoid the shifting, changing, unstable foundation of the easy way! We must dig in and dig deep if we want our spiritual house to stand. Wholesale, clearance price Christianity cannot deliver. The full price has to be paid. No short cuts allowed! Do not mistaken a quick prayer in the car for sitting at the Master’s feet. Do not mistaken the missing of a meal as fasting. Do not mistaken being fed the Word of God at church only as sufficient food.

We have been afforded a golden opportunity to do some soul searching. If we discover that we need to do some adjusting and tweaking of our spiritual foundation, there is no better time than now. What if this is just a little rocking of the boat? What if these winds are just a test run of storms to come? Don’t wait to get your house in order!

I believe this space of time we are being given is a show of God’s mercy and His grace. He truly does not want any of us to perish. He is real, His Word is true, and He is coming back. Let’s use the time wisely to take inventory, dig out our tools to do a little repairing.....and take a trip to Home Depot if we have to.

May The Lord Bless You All

Barb Seah

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